Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gains, Losses, Lessons, Successes

I have been neglecting this blog!  Not because I am gaining weight.  Not because I have lost interest, but it is because I have brain overload.  And when you have that, something is bound to short circuit somewhere! 

I actually DID gain a pound and a half two weeks ago.  It was not a good day.  Last week I went down .8...geez can't I have a WHOLE POUND!?  Well, it was still a loss.  This week it was .2...oh now you're just taunting me, scale!  Do scales have bad days?  Anyway, it was indeed another loss.  I tried on a Large shirt a couple of days before instead of XL.  And it looked so nice!  It made my day. 

This week, it was my sister who had the gain.  She hasn't had a significant one yet.  Hello, girl has lost 25 pounds!!  Needless to say she was upset about it.  My mom and I assured her that she will have gains.  To prove our point we both went over our books to see when and where we had our gains.  I have lost 16.8  and have gained 8.8.  Wow!  That's a lot, but I still look thinner than when I started and I feel better too!  I am working towards that 20 pound mark.  Only 3.2 to go!  Root me on!  Because when I get to 20 pounds, I will be posting another picture!!

So what do I take away from all of this?  Our weight truly fluctuates from day to day and week to week.  You really need to watch those nibbles and bites.  It's like "nickel and diming" yourself.  It adds up!!  As one gal in the meeting yesterday said, "I didn't gain this over night, it's not going to come off that way."  She is so right.  I have been building my poundage since about 2003.  I don't think it will take 7 years to get it off, but I know it won't come off in 7 DAYS!  Besides, slow and steady wins the race!

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mormonhermitmom said...

Yeah we definitely slip up here and there don't we? Go, girl, GO!