Monday, June 14, 2010

What Is Beautiful?

Like most of us, I follow many blogs.  And every time I gain a follower, I return the favor and stalk follow them.  One of my newer followers is Tennessee Mom from Days on the Creek.  She wrote a post that really got me thinking.  What is beautiful? 

Is it her with her bones and lack of shape?

Here are the FEW models that I found in the PLUS sizes....
These models are found at the top of the page.  The rest of the clothing is either displayed on a "fat" mannequin or a model.....
Hmmmm....she's a plus?
She's a little better.  But again she and the strip above were the only plus women featured.  So it begs the question, "What is beautiful?"

Okay, now I want to issue you all a challenge.  I will be playing right along.  Take a deep breath now...I want you all to post a picture of...YOURSELF.  Full length, close up, waist up, whichever you prefer.  Show your beauty, and link up here with me next Monday.  Answer my question with your lovely faces.  I'm going to.  And I am truly a vein woman.  So this will be hard for me.  Will you play along? 


Vanessamae said...

I'm game! Lets play!

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

I will post a pic! Yeah those plus size models aren't really plus size. They don't really look like me. I don't think proportionate 6 foot tall amazons really represent the true plus size woman.

mormonhermitmom said...

You're doing great! It's been a long six months for me to get rid of just 5 measly pounds, but hopefully it's gone for good.

I'll try to remember to link up. The media needs to see more REAL WOMEN online!

Holly said...

Scary stuff...I am vain too. I also live in a little place called denial. I will think really hard about this.

I do believe the view of beauty is so skewed to the skinny emaciated women and it is just sad.

You need to read thumbnail #36 on Tickled Pink...same subject!