Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ten Things!

I am linking up with Emmy today to share ten things that have made me smile this month.  I love this feature of hers for two reasons:  1.  Because it is important in a world filled with negativity to focus on the positive and 2.  Because she will list some of the simplest things.  And isn't that what it is all about???  So, without any further ado...

1.  School got out!  I am still glad to be free of homework!
2.  A combined family birthday party for my sister and my niece.
3.  A successful birthday party for my Little Middle
4. Getting together with old friends
5.  Surviving not one, but two camps that took away my eldest.  Okay the second was a day camp, but still.

6.  Mild temperatures for our otherwise HOT climate.  Not quite as bad as Vegas or AZ, but similar.

7.  A "dolphin show"

8.  Fixing a toilet!!

9.  Holding a brand new baby!
10.  And best of all to finish out this month...I lost 20 pounds!!! Woot!

What are you smiling about?

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Emmy said...

Great list. For it being summer it has been a busy month for you.

Holly said...

Very nice list....If I lost twenty pounds 1-10 would have been I lost 20 pounds!

Jingle said...

Please pick 2 to 5 awards from the post.
Enjoy the fun!

KK said...

Sounds like a great month!