Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hip Hip Hoo-ray!

Do you see those hands on my key chain?  It signifies 16 weeks of moving forward. 16 weeks of ups and downs.  16 weeks of good eating, bad eating, and eating in general.  It also shows me I am working hard.  My book shows me my progress in numbers.  We all know the numbers should not matter, but they do.  My numbers say 17.8 pounds lost!  A little over a pound a week!  My leader happily told me I only have 2.2 pounds to go for my 20.  I am looking forward to that day.

Today we talked about when hunger calls.  She had a drawing of an analog clock with breakfast pointed at 8, lunch at 12 and dinner at six.  Draw this for yourself and see why you are so hungry between lunch and dinner and at night.  Fill up those in between hours with snacks.  We are supposed to eat...SUPPOSED to eat breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack, dinner, a snack, and dessert.  Life is short, eat that dessert first.

Breakfast ideas:  Oatmeal.  I make the instant kind, add 1 tsp of brown sugar.  I poor a cup of 1% milk and use that to fill my bowl with enough milk to make it the way I like.  Drink the rest of the milk.

How about cereal.  Measure it.  Add some fruit on the side, or right into it.

100 calorie English muffins with 8 grams of fiber.  Light margarine, jam and low cal hot chocolate.

Snack ideas:  apples with your favorite sugar free jello sprinkled over the slices.  Sandwich rounds --these are awesome btw--a tablespoon of PB and some jam. 

Lunches:  same sandwich rounds, tuna, grapes, light mayo, and lettuce.  Side with carrots

Dinner:  making something with pasta?  Choose wheat over white.  It is very tasty and more filling.  Ground beef, choose the 4% fat. 

Desserts:  skinny cow, cake made with diet coke in lieu of oil and eggs.

Got the munchies?  Gum, carrots, popsicles, tea to name a few.  Did you know when you are feeling actual physical hunger it means your body is metabolizing.  It is doing what it supposed to!  How about that!

Weight Loss:  .8
Total Loss:  17.8

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Chef Bee said...

I just found your blog. Very inspirational. Keep it up!
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