Monday, January 3, 2011

In 2011 I Want To...

New Year's Resolutions?  Okay, if you want to call them that.  I think I will go with the Weight Watchers term:  Winning Outcomes!  So here are my winning outcomes for 2011.

  • Continue with the Weight Watchers program.  How:  By attending my weekly meetings and applying the things I learn along with trying new recipes.
  • Reach my personal goal...almost there.  How:  keeping track of what I eat.  Being careful of what I bring into the house.
  • Maintain my personal goal.  How:  Sticking with WW and attending my meetings.
  • Exercise at least one time a week.  Friday's...ZUMBA!  With exercise we need to be realistic.  We also need it to fit into our lifestyle.  I am not going to announce that I am going to take up running 5 times a week because I don't run.  And 5 times a week?  Really?  I admire those of you who do!!  Boy do I!  But for time a week is one time a week more than I am doing right now!  I will increase this goal as I go on.
My other "winning outcomes" are not weight related, but I will still share them here. 

  • Decluttering my house.  This is not going to happen in one day or even 10.  I am giving myself 365!  On January 3. 2012 I hope to be able to see a marked difference.  I did it with my body, why not with my house!
  • Learning something new.  I haven't decided yet what that will be.  But I am going to learn something new this year.
Come back Wednesday for the first installment in 2011 of my continued weight loss journey.  I will be sharing new ideas and reminding us of some old tricks that still work!
What are your winning outcomes for 2011?


mormonhermitmom said...

This time I'm going to exercise and QUIT LOOKING AT THE #(*%&)_* SCALE! Cause this isn't about the pounds, it's about getting stronger.

Amy said...

I love your "Winning outcomes." I think it is important for people to constantly have goals to work towards. Otherwise we would all get stagnant. Good luck with the decluttering!