Sunday, January 30, 2011



When our kids are young and they do something good, we don't hesitate to reward them.  Sometimes we reward them with praise, and sometimes we reward them with hugs.  We also reward them with things.  So doesn't it make sense that we should also reward ourselves when we have done well???

I have spent a year now in my weight loss journey.  I am really struggling with the last 5 pounds.  It would be so easy to just quit.  But I want those last 5 gone. Aside from wanting them gone, what is my motivator to make them be gone?  I mean I do have skinny jeans now.  But, I also still have some muffin top there.    Or as Kim, my WW leader likes to call it, "mom stomach."  Yeah after three babies, it doesn't obey and bounce back into place.  It likes to hang around.  

So what can I do for rewards?  Let's start with the kind that don't cost money.  Food is always first in my thought, but then that is how I got here in the first place.  So onto non food rewards.  How about a nice hot bath.  I know ShortMama said this.  But let's face it, it is a good one.  

How about giving yourself a pedicure.  The whole deal.  Soaking your feet.  Putting lotion on them.  Painting your toes. 

Do you ever feel guilty for taking some time for yourself?  I mean while the kids are still up??  If there is someone home to watch them give yourself a time out.  (This is one I need to work on!) but you earned it.  You are working hard.

Naps.  Naps are always good.  I love a nap.  If naps are not for you, how about reading a book or watching a know that you like.

Monetary rewards:  jewelry.  I am not talking fine jewelry here.  I am talking just something to add to an outfit.  

By some stickers like stars or smiley faces.  Put them on the calendar when you have done something good.  Like exercise!  

Not quite in the next size down yet?  Buy a new blouse.  Get a belt to hold up the loose ones in the meantime.  Pick a funky one.  

Do you ever see something at Wally or Target that you want, but feel you just don't buy it because you don't need it?  How about a little gift...even if it is new oven mitts.  (I actually do need some!)

The point is, find a way to reward yourself for doing a good job!  This is not an easy journey.  And there will be bumps and trips along the way.  So why not treat yourself like a star!  How will you reward yourself?

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shortmama said...

I cannot tell you how much I love the idea of the stickers on the calendar! So simple! I do that with my girls and never thought to do it for myself with weight loss!

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