Friday, January 14, 2011


I am participating in a blog hop with Shortmama as she continues her Muffin Top journey!  She picks a subject each week to blog about and this time it is motivation!  What is it that motivates you?  This is kind of funny because a friend of mine from church was asking me what it was that got me motivated to do it.  Well it started with three simple things.

  1. Vanity.  I am a vain person.  
  2.  Last year my doctor warned me about my weight and told me she didn't want to end up treating me for diabetes in 3 months time.
  3. And lastly....well this person....
That is me last year and 30 pounds ago.  I really don't want to be her again.
I like her much better this way.

But this did not come easy.  It's been a year of hard work and lots of changes.  So what is it that keeps me motivated?  My family.  My friends.  Seeing myself in clothes that actually fit me for a change.  (all my clothes are now drowning me!)

Another thing that motivates is doing this with my mom and my sister and seeing their progress as well.  The three of us have almost lost a total of 100 pounds!!  And now even more amazing is the three of us are exercising together!  We make a great team.  I also go to my Weight Watchers meetings each week.  My leader is out of this world.  And I have made friends there too.  And they help with the motivation too.  Sometimes I get frustrated.  I get whiny.  I want to give up.    Then I think of all my hard work.  And I look at these pictures and I realize as hard as it gets, I do not want to give it up.  So I keep going!  I have to push harder some days, but the reward is great.

What motivates you?


shortmama said...

Wow great job!! Team effort for weight loss is always helpful to me too!

Emmy said...

Yes, you seriously are amazing for sticking with it and continuing to make great progress. you look great!