Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Snack Savvy

Are you snack savvy?  I thought I was until I attended my meeting this week.  First of all what do you think of when I say "snack?"  I think of something quick and easy.  Quick and easy doesn't necessarily mean healthy and satisfying.   For me it usually means grab a handful of chocolate chips.  The problem with that is, there is no weighing or measuring going on here.  It will add up.  Fast.

Before we can be snack savvy we need to plan for times of hunger.  For instance, you are going to be out running errands, shopping, etc and there is probably going to be a big space between meals.  Bring a long a snack to curb your hunger.  We would do this for our babies why not ourselves!?  We should choose filling foods.  I like the Fiber One Plus Antioxidants.  Portable and quite satisfying.  Buy your veggies pre cut.  Yes, it is more expensive, but as my leader put it, "Somebody really loves me!  They did all the work for me.  And I am worth it."  If you want you can sprinkle some sugar free jell-o on apple wedges.  It will taste like candied apples.  These snacks are also good for day trips with the family and road trips.

Now let's go for a scavenger our purses.  Go ahead and get it...I will wait.  What did you find?  I found receipts, empty gum wrappers, pens, and some cars.  I have a boy what I can I say??  But what is missing?  A snack.  Let's put a snack in our purses to manage that hunger before it manages us.  Remember to replace it after you eat it.  If you skipped it, eat when you get home.

A little fruit trivia:  An apple a day....will give you energy!  Need an afternoon pick me up?  Grab an apple.  No specifics here.  Just take your favorite kind. 

Snacks each day keeps hunger at bay!

What healthy and satisfying snack do you like?


The Girly Tomboy said...

It's true that we need to plan snacks. It seems easy, but for some reason that is such a hard thing for me to do.

N. Angail said...

I'm such a snacker. When I'm busy, I just don't feel like taking the time to make a real meal, so I'll snack. It's a problem.

mormonhermitmom said...

Snacks are good unless they are late at night - which is exactly when I have mine. I really need to get to bed earlier!

Emmy said...

Yes snacking is my downfall. I really need to have some precut up stuff as i might just grab it then

KK said...

I'm really trying to add fruit instead of chocolate chips, but it's hard!

Jenny said...

That fruit looks so good!!!

I love snacking on fruit actually but I like snacking on nuts too!!