Monday, July 26, 2010

Something New

When we get married it is tradition to have something old, something blue, something borrowed and something new.  We are pretty willing to stay with things we know and love.  The old.  If we borrow something it is because we ran out, ours is broken, or we can't find it.  Don't ask me to tie blue into this.  Thanks.  What about something new?  How willing are we try new things?  Now I am not talking about going out sky diving or anything.   For heaven sakes!  No, think way simpler.  I am talking about food!  I spent the last week sampling some new food items.  I was supposed to try one everyday, but I only managed three.  My mom has me beat, and I will be offering her reviews as well.

I tried:  a Saturn Peach, a tuscon melon, and a red pluot plum.  My mom tried these in addition to parsnips and okra.

Saturn Peach:  It looks a flat peach.  The flesh is white and it is very sweet.  I enjoyed this and would buy them again.  A little pricey though at 79 cents a piece. Yes a piece.

Tuscan Melon:  If I didn't know better I would think you fed me a cantaloupe.  The taste and texture are very similar.  It has a slightly different taste to it.  It is sweeter. 

Pluot Red Plum:  From the outside it looks like a pretty typical plum.  The skin is red to maroon in color.  Mine looked like an apples color.  The meat is bright red. It was very sweet.  The skin (like most plums) was bitter. 

Parsnips:  My mom tried these.  They are from the carrot family, but she said it was more of a potato flavor.  She did not care for the parsnip.

Okra:  Again this one was tried by mom.  She said it was so-so also.  And that she would not eat it or parsnips again.

Today we both will be trying a Diakon in a carrot and Diakon salad. 

So the challenge this week is try some new fruits and veggies!  Get brave and adventurous!  Or be careful and cautious(as I was.)  Whatever tickles your fancy!  It's fun to try new things.

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