Friday, October 1, 2010

Out Smart Your Super Market!!

Grocery shopping is perhaps one the more daunting and tempting tasks we are faced with.  Think about it.  You.  A store filled with beautifully displayed food.  Did you know your grocery store hires experts to teach them how to display their food and isles in such a way that we will deviate from our lists and our healthy eating?  Did you know that name brand companies pay the stores to have their product displayed on the end caps?  Did you know that the bakeries will pour vanilla onto a cookie a sheet and throw it into the oven to entice us over to the bakery?  So how do we out smart them?  This is what we talked about in Weight Watchers this week.

Did you know that your store has a map?  And that you can ask for it?  It's true.  Think of your store.  Where is the milk?  In the back?  What do you see to get there?  Stay on the perimeter of the store to avoid the temptations.  For me this is the liquor isle.  I don't drink so it's a great line of defense for me.  Do your kids beg ask for treats?  Of course they do.  These treats are hazardous to our waists!  One member said she buys things that she doesn't like.  I do that.  I don't eat it. 

With your map(or mental map) of the store, and your list ready are you ready to tackle the store?  No.  You are hungry!!  Have you shopped like this?  I have.  Lots of strange things end up in my cart.  Have a snack before you go.  Bring your water. Learning to manage supermarket shopping can save money and time and calories.  Enhancing our success. Savvy shopping helps us manage our home and work enivronments. When we've got the right foods in the fridge, pantry, freezer, desk drawer, glove box, or gym bag, it's easier for us to stay on track or bounce back.

Are you ready to go to the store?

Bonus Information:  Did you know that SONIC sugars their ice???  I tried to find the notation for it online and could not.  However, a member at my meeting knows an owner of Sonic and they do sugar their ice.  You can ask for "naked ice." 


mormonhermitmom said...

Not that I've ever been to Sonic but, SUGARED ICE? I wonder who else does it.

KK said...

No wonder it tastes so good! And I hate the grocery store!!