Friday, October 29, 2010

Have a Happy Halloween

Are you ready for the biggest night of candy?  Are you ready to see that stuff staring you in the face?  Well chew on this...

You have to run...RUN the entire length of the football field to burn the calories of one...ONE M&M.  If you want a peanut M&M, you have to run 3 times! 
Some tricks for treats include:  buying the kind you will not eat, handing out pencils, erasers, and stickers.  My leader says the candy fairy comes and trades candies for toys at her house.  No, she doesn't keep the candy, she donates it.  If she kept it, she would not be a leader for long.  BTW, did you know all Weight Watcher employees are members of the program?  Another member said her kids get a couple of pieces a day and must keep their candy in their rooms.  Yikes...not sure I could trust my kids with that kind of power.  The first leader I ever had said she would dump the last of her candy into the last kids bucket before she turned out the light.  Other people bring the candy to children's hospitals.  

Have you ever tried banishing sweets?  Yeah, it doesn't work, does it.  We know that deprivation can backfire.  So plan for small treats and indulgences.  Pick two or three of your favorite "treats."  Set them aside for when you can sit and truly enjoy each bite.  And remember the first and last bite taste the same.

Does eating sugar cause weight gain?  Indirectly, yes.  You can eat sugar.  You can eat the fun size bars.  However, you are going to feel hungry sooner and thus you are going to want to eat more.  Which can ultimately lead to weight gain.  It is also about calories in vs. calories out.

A treat is a treat is a treat and every one is junky (and delicious.)  What!?  You mean my low cal brownies are junky?  You mean my delicious cobbler is JUNK!?  I think not.  There are several sweet delicious, and satisfying treats out there.  We just need to turn to them. 

Remember opportunity only knocks once, but temptation leans on the doorbell!

Trick or treat is finding the right sweet to eat!  I know we can have a successful Halloween!!


mormonhermitmom said...

Halloween starts the Battle of the Bulge season for sure! Treats, Thanksgiving, Christmas. It's like we all want to put on fat for winter hibernation - except we don't hibernate.

Emmy said...

Dang it, I bought candy I like so the extra wouldn't be wasted... hmmm my tummy is in trouble I think

The Blue Zoo said...

I cant resist the candy! I always eat too much and end up running on the elliptical for extra time! =)