Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Had NO Idea

Yesterday was my weekly weigh in with Weight Watchers.  I held my breath as I approached the scale.  It's been a busy month filled parties and food.  I walked when I could and I watched parts of that DVD I bought.  I chose low point foods and served myself smaller portions.  I ate half of my meal at lunch and saved the rest for the next day.  I got on the scale and to my joyous surprise I had lost 1.8 pounds.  Shoot, if I had peed before it would have been two!  But we will say two anyway.  ;)  Then I looked closer at my little booklet and boy was I surprised to see that I have lost 27.2 pounds!  I have lost nearly 30 pounds!!!  So I have set s goal to meet that 30 by Halloween!  Cheer me on over the next month and couple of days!  I just can't believe it.

Next post is Friday and I will recap the meeting about being Supermarket Savvy!  Lots of great tips and important good to know info!!! 


spunkysuzi said...

Nice loss!! Can't wait for you tips post :)

mormonhermitmom said...


Together We Save said...

Wow - thar is great!!

Jingle said...

Glad to see you progress so well.
thanks for sharing joy.
u r such an inspiration.

KK said...

Way to go!