Monday, September 27, 2010

Asking For Help...

Asking for help is probably the hardest thing for us proud humans to do.  We want to do it all by ourselves!  Just like that stubborn two year old who insists on dressing herself as you painfully watch her turn in circles to get that shirt on right.  And you want so desperately to help her, and she simply refuses.  As adults, we still have that stubborn streak within us to do it ourselves.  What we need to realize is sometimes you just can't do it alone.

In our meeting last week, we talked about asking those around for help.  Our leader asked us if we had "food police" in the house.  You know the ones who ask, "Can you eat that?"  If that is what you want then that is ok.  If it is not okay tell them.  "Instead of asking me if I can eat about wow!  You are doing great."  Does your family ask you if you have lost weight?  Do you want them too?  One member said she will text her family after the meeting to tell them if she gained, lost, or maintained.  That is fantastic.

Another way to get support from our loved ones is to tell them straight out, give me a heads up before you invite me to a party.  What will you be serving.  Yes, I can have pizza but I want to know ahead of time that's the main course.  This way I can plan my day out.  Yeah it's a little work, but I want that pizza and I don't want it to be a surprise.  What about those impromptu lunch dates?  Do a quick search online for nutrition information at the restaurant of choice and make you choice ahead of time.  Ask for that take home box up front.  Kim, our leader takes it one step further and tells the server, "I've got a sick kid at home, could you divy up my plate before you bring it out."  And they do.  And sometimes they add a little extra. 

It's all about asking for help.  No more spinning in circles.  Let's reach out to loved ones and tell them just how they can help us.

Halloween is fast approaching.  When are you planning on buying the candy to hand out?  The day before or weeks ahead?  Remember even though it is fast approaching, it is also not coming tomorrow.  Think of how many trick or treaters you had last year.  Decide what kind you will be least tempted by.  And how long you want that stuff lingering in your house.


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KK said...

Planning always helps!