Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Breaking Barriers

This week I finally broke a barrier.  It's a barrier I have been fighting with for at least 6 weeks now.  I wanted my tens column number to drop.  I was holding steady at the one or two( in the ones column)...depending on my week.  Well when school started I was walking my son to school.  Then he got moved to AM kindergarten.  I decided I would walk him home.  Then we hit triple digits heat by noon and there was no way I was walking in that.  Then our air conditioner broke.  I seriously must have sweated away what I lost, because yesterday I busted through that barrier!  My tens column number finally went down!  I am also comfortably fitting into the next size down.  So what am I doing?

1.  Three meals a day
2.  2 to 3 snacks a day--lately my mid day snack has been an apple
3.  I was having a real hard time with night time nibbling. And I mean lots of nibbling despite having a snack. I have changed that too!  When I feel the urge to nibble I chew gum, or eat carrots. 
4.  Since Rich had his surgery I was doing a lot the first few days.  It has slowed down some, but I am still moving more.
5.  Listening to my body's cues.  Am I really hungry? 

Next week Weight Watcher is doing something really cool!  For every pound that is lost they are donating a pound of food to local shelters.  Isn't that awesome!  I want to try and lose a pound each week.  With my birthday being tomorrow, that will be an interesting challenge!  But I still want to try and add to this wonderful cause!  It's a great motivator. 

What motivates you?


Emmy said...

Looking at my muffin top-that motivates me. Congrats on the next step!

mormonhermitmom said...

Yes! That is awesome!

KK said...

Good job, I'm stuck at a place like that myself!