Monday, August 30, 2010

Stop Dieting!!

Stop dieting and start living!!  How many times have you heard yourself say, "Oh I can't have that....I'm on a diet."  It's time we stop dieting.  We need to tell ourselves that there is nothing we can't have, but how much do I need?  I loved this thought when I heard last week in Weight Watchers.  I can have anything I want, but how much do I NEED.  It's okay to indulge once in a while.  And when we are indulging keep in mind that the last bite will taste the same as the first.  
Our lovely Leader gave us some common scenarios for dieting and how to tackle them.  

#1:  I deprive myself until I end up overeating.
Solution:  Indulge in moderation.  Remember that the first and last bite taste the same.

#2:  I like to cook high fat favorites.
Solution:  Try low fat versions of the same favorites.  Shhh...don't tell the family.  They may not even notice.  

#3  I often skip breakfast to speed weight loss.
Solution:  Do not skip any many meal, especially not breakfast.  Get your metabolism in motion by feeding your body in the morning.  Not enough time?  Choose fruit that you can eat on the go.  Set the alarm a little earlier.  You are worth a good start to your day.  

#4  I lose my will power at parties and restaurants. 
Solution:  Share an entree with someone.  Have a snack before you go.  Park farther away so you have to walk to get to the party/restaurant.  Fill up instead on the salads and fruits.  Order your meal the way you want it.  It's okay... you are allowed.  And you are worth it.

#5  I weigh myself several times a day/week.
Solution:  Try to limit your weight check in to once a week, and at the same time.  Our weight fluctuates daily depending on time of day, what we have consumed, for women where we are in our cycle.  Look for NON SCALE VICTORIES:  clothes getting looser, measuring your waist, your arms, legs etc.  I have even dropped a shoe size!  

#6  I often eat while watching TV/reading
Solution:  We will get more satisfaction if we are focusing on just eating.  This is a huge challenge for me.  I like to watch TV while I have my lunch, or read blogs.  This is one I have to work on.

#7  I get frustrated when I don't lose weight right away.
Solution:  Slow and steady wins the race!  A healthy and successful weight loss is .2 tenths of a pound to 2.0 pounds per week.  To give a visual, a stick of butter would represent that .2 tenths.  Look at your arms....I think I have a couple of sticks on mine, but when I lost .2 a couple of weeks ago, well my arms were a little thinner!

Say no to the "ditching the diet" mind set and avoid deprivation.  It's not a diet, it's a "live it."


Emmy said...

#6 is totally my problem, especially in the evening which is even worse :(

Sandra said...

Oh I hear ya! I totally have to be eating something when I'm watching tv! And veggies and dip doesn't cut it unfortunately!

KK said...

Portion control is my "diet" and always works for me.