Friday, August 13, 2010


This week at Weight Watchers, we talked about being flexible.  Not flexible like a Cirque du Soleil performer.  No, she was talking about bending with the winds of change.  

Change can be a scary thing.  I am the first to admit that.  I like things a certain way.  Even if it is negative.  Consider the way we think about our eating.  Do we call it a diet?  What happens when we are so rigid in our thinking?  What happens when we set unrealistic goals.

How about bending a little?  I like the the image of the slinky.  A fun and a wonderful toy!  And it bends and moves to its situation.  How can we move and bend to our own situation?

"I have to lose X pounds."  This is far to rigid in thinking.

"I want to lose X pounds by this date.  And this is how I plan to do it.  I am going to A, B, C...."

"I am going to lose 5 pounds every week!"

"I am going to aim to lose weight each week.  I will expect set backs, small loses, and being 'stuck' along the way."*

"I am not going to eat chocolate anymore."  Now, I have known people who have done this.  And I say, more power to you.  But for me, I am not willing to let it go.  I am, however, willing to have it less.  To choose something with less fat and more fiber.  It's that flexibility talking.  We are more likely to succeed when we are flexible in our thinking.    What are you doing to increase your flexibility?


Vanessamae said...

I choose flexibility that includes Chocolate.

But I love everything else too!

You always know what to blog about!

The Girly Tomboy said...

For me, flexibility is about making small changes gradually, rather than huge drastic changes all at once. Like slowly incorporating more veggies into my meals, as opposed to living on salad and feeling deprived.

mormonhermitmom said...

Flexible? I had plans to have fun this afternoon but my kids had the insane notion to rearrange their rooms today - so we did that and cleaned the uncovered messes that resulted. I guess I can have fun some other time. How often do kids clean out their rooms?

Emmy said...

I need more fiber too.. and to drink more water. I have had some bad consequences of not having enough fiber and water lately. :(

You are right though, if a diet is so rigid it is never going to be kept

KK said...

I don't bend well, literally or figuratively!