Friday, September 17, 2010

2, 4, 6, 8...

Why don't we appreciate???  Why don't we appreciate all that we do in our road to a healthier self? 

See my pretty spoon there?  Did you know that spoon represents 2 tenths of a pound?  So the next time you are having breakfast, think about that as you lift that spoon up!  It's more than you think.

Product placement!  That lovely little bar of soap is four tenths of a pound!  That's right folks!  It might not seem like much on the scale, but check that out in your hand!

It may just be toothpaste to you, but when you are holding it in all of its 6ounce are holding half of a pound!!!  Don't discount the little loses.

Now we're talking!  This empty cup...yes EMPTY is nearly a POUND!  Woohoo!

With all of these little and fabulous successes, why are we so negative!?  Why do we say can't??  It's time to turn our negative talk around!  Think of all those tings we say I can't too....

"I can't lose that last X amount of weight."  How about, "I know that won't be easy, but I can do it!  I am my own cheerleader!"

What if I posted on this blog, I give up!  It's just too dang hard! I am not losing enough.  What would tell me?  Remember your words and tell them to yourself!  You need to be your own cheerleader and best friend and not your enemy!  

So write down those negative thoughts and then counter them with the positive.  Keep the positive list and toss the negative one out!  Poof be gone!

The holidays are fast approaching us.  It's time to start visualizing what you want to do.  How are you going to handle each one?  We will be talking more about them over the next few weeks.  We can get through this with positive talk, visualization, and being our own personal cheerleaders!  Are you with me!?


KK said...

So true, I focus on big goals too much.

Jingle said...

love these.